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Beginners Classes

GBTT Beginner Classes
GBTT Beginner Classes

About Our Beginners Classes

Our Beginners Classes are for all age groups including children, teenagers and adults. We aim to teach the basic skills that make up mixed martial arts ensuring that once you have mastered the core fundamentals you can work your way up to other skills.

In order to help you succeed we concentrate on instilling discipline, confidence and resilience by strengthening the mind as well as the body.

Our learning regime centres on a planned and structured physical regime which is both inclusive and friendly providing a safe space for all to achieve their personal goals.

We aim to help each individual learn new skills that they enjoy and that will increase their confidence in an enjoyable and professional environment.

Why choose GBTT?

Our GBTT Instructors are incredibly experienced, fighting professionals that have a wealth of experience in MMA fighting and have competed professionally. They are passionate about teaching MMA and offer all-inclusive lessons at our GBTT Academy.

At GBTT we hold classes for all ability levels and age groups starting from our beginner classes, to kids’ classes to pro training sessions.

We aim to teach the basics before advancing you further ensuring that you have mastered the fundamental skills which will make you a stronger, more successful fighter. We teach discipline and patience and ensure that classes are fun and engaging.

GBTT Pro Class Team

Our classes


Mixed Martial Arts combine techniques, skills and disciplines from BJJ, boxing, muay thai, striking and wrestling.


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a martial art that focusses on grappling and ground fighting, allowing someone to defend themselves against a bigger/stronger opponent. Overcome opponents by improving your grappling and ground fighting techniques. Classes are available for all levels, in both gi and no gi BJJ.



Learn and develop clinching and grappling techniques to improve your groundwork.



Incorporate boxing, muay thai and kickboxing techniques to learn self-defence and MMA striking skills.

Lift & Learn

Improve your cardiovascular fitness in our high intensity interval training (HIIT) classes. Suitable for all levels.


Develop your boxing technique, movement and skill, working through combinations based on your experience.


Kids Classes

Our kids classes are taught in age groups and cover the core disciplines of mixed martial arts.


Put your learning into practice in our sparring sessions. Participants will be paired up based on experience.

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