Our Fearless leader Brad ‘One Punch’ Pickett sat down with Fred Talks Fighting to discuss his UFC career and more importantly what he is looking forward to in the future now that GBTT has become a reality!

“my team has been together for a few years, but this place has only been open this year since the end of January. I made this a full-time gym so we have training in the morning and the evening. It caters to all levels from pro to amateur to a hobbyist.”

Fred Went on to ask if Brad wanted to be known as the best/biggest gym in the UK.

” I don’t worry about other teams, I concentrate on making my team the best it can be. If other teams want to compete with my team, cool! I don’t see competition. I do believe we are, but I should have that mindset and if we are not, then we will be very soon”

Watch the full interview below and make sure you check out Fred Talks Fighting on YouTube