GBTT Strawweight Claire Lopez (6-4-0) shared some amazing news with us all earlier this week when she announce the signing of a new multi-fight contract with Hispanic fight promotion Combate Global.

“Signing with Combate is something I’ve been waiting for 10 months since the tournament last summer. Combate is a big promotion in Latin America, they have a lot of visibility in the USA which is a great thing for my career!

Claire has spent that time sharpening her skills while allowing injuries to heal. I asked how it has been during that time.

“Things have not been easy, I had a lot of people refuse to fight me at 48kg (105lbs), which is my preferred division. Finally, we received an offer to fight at 52kg (115lbs) and I immediately accepted because I am very powerful for my weight! I am super confident for this next fight, I have worked so hard with Brad since my return from injury, my mind is so strong and my skills are on point!”

Finally, for those of you who are not familiar with Claire Lopez, I asked about her history with GBTT

“3 years ago I moved from France to London because I was looking for a good high-level MMA gym with an experienced coach who had good knowledge. I found everything I needed in GBTT. I love training here, everyone pushes me every day and I think this is why I have improved so much. Brad is an amazing coach with a big heart! I am a huge fan of his fighting style. I feel at home in this gym and I have found everything I was looking for”

We are excitedly waiting to hear who Claire is fighting next. The moment we get the announcement, we will let you all know. Head over to her Instagram to follow her career directly.