Kingsley Crawford saw an incredible win over Adam Wilson on Cage Warriors 127 on Sept 30th 2021. Crawford had a interview after the fight to reflect on his performance on the night as well as his future prospects after his recent victory.

Listen to Kingsley Crawford’s Interview


Kingsley Crawford’s interview

How do you think the fight went? Was it as you thought?
“I am happy with the fight, I felt strong and I didn’t take much damage. I could pretty much choose how the fight took place so it did go as planned. The first round I went in strong, I cut in with an elbow and from there it went better and better.”

Have you re-watched it yet? Anything you feel you need to work on?
“I watched it back. There were a few opportunities for me to take him down and get the finish sooner. So, when we are back in the gym we are going to work on that.”

Any nerves coming into the fight and how did you manage this?
“Nerves? I had a few. Since this was my first fight in a year and yeah, I was also changing weight class so I wasn’t sure how I would be feeling on the day. But luckily, Mike and Ashley, they came down to the hotel and supported me and checked up on me, to make sure everything was good and on the fight day, I had all my coaches there, Brad was there. He told me I would be the stronger man and that I would be surprised how strong I was, and he wasn’t lying.”

Where do you go from here? What’s next?
“Where do I go from here? I look forward to making a name in the Bantamweight division because GB Top Team makes a lot of them, a lot of Champs and I want to be a Champ as well!”