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Strength & Conditioning

We offer a range of S&C Classes that cater to all abilities and fitness levels. Whether your aim is to build muscle or improve your overall fitness we can help you get there. We run a range of group S&C classes as well as one to one classes.

These classes are taught by our pro coach Nate Bell. Nate’s aim is to help people think, feel and move like champions.
With over 10, 000 hours and more than 10 years coaching experience Nate will help you achieve your goals.

Strength and Conditioning Class

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Speed & Power Workshop

Do you want to be faster and more explosive as a combat athlete?
Strike harder and tire your opponent with your speed.

On Saturday the 25th of March from 12-2pm our Strength and Conditioning
coach Nate will be running a workshop focusing on speed and power training for combat athletes.

To join book a place here or call 07982998903.
Find out more about the trio of S&C classes Nate will be running here.

Lifting large dumbell at GBTT Strength & Conditioning

More on S&C

An effective strength and conditioning programme is essential for developing and maintaining fitness levels, avoiding injury and helping you perform at your best.

What will you learn?

Our S&C classes are designed to give you the tools to train, compete and maximise your performance whilst minimising injury risk. You’ll learn techniques and training protocols across a 12-week / 1 session per week programme. The programme is split into three phases, so you can measure progression and track performance over time, with the support of our experienced S&C Performance Coaches.

Please note: There is an additional cost of £20/month to take part in Lift & Learn classes. Classes are available to both members and non-members.

Who’s it for?

Ages 14+ and all experience levels.

What kit/equipment do you need?

Normal gym gear.

Time lapse of our S&C Gym class

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Also queries about one on one coaching or personal training can be made here.

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