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What will you Learn?

At our Muay Thai classes you will perfect your Thai techniques and skills. You will be taught how to perform Thai style kicks and punches, learning when to use each element at the right moment in a fight.

These skills are great to link your standing and ground skills for MMA. These classes are also great for cardio fitness.

Who’s it for?

Aged 14+ and all experience levels.

What Kit / Equipment do you need?

Shorts, t-shirt/rash guard, mouthguard, boxing gloves, shin guards

What is Muay Thai?

Muay Thai also called Thai Boxing involves striking, kicking and clinching techniques. Often called ‘the art of eight limbs’ you will learn to utilise your knees, shins, elbows and knuckles in highly effective ways, allowing for 8 point contact. We will build on the foundations of the art, ensuring each step is easy to follow and grasp. Muay Thai is becoming increasingly popular as it is one of the most effective stand-up striking martial arts.
Usually it consists of attacking, defending and countering moves, we practise these techniques in class until they become second nature.

Practising Muay Thai also comes with many health benefits. It is a high speed calorie burner, ranging from warm ups to drills, heavy bag work and pad work. You’ll be on the move throughout the session, getting an instant endorphins rush and having fun getting fit.

It is also great for body strengthening. Through repeat drills and heavy bag work you will build muscle and gain better balance and strength, all while learning a new skill.

Muay Thai Session
GBTT Muay Thai Class

Why join a Muay Thai class?

Our GBTT Instructors are vastly experienced in Muay Thai, competing in MMA tournaments which largely incorporate Muay Thai techniques.

At GBTT we hold classes for all ability levels, from beginner to pro training, we also offer kids classes. We always teach the basics before advancing further as we believe that is what makes the strongest, most successful fighters. We teach discipline and patience and ensure that classes are fun and engaging.

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Our classes


Mixed Martial Arts combine techniques, skills and disciplines from BJJ, boxing, muay thai, striking and wrestling.


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a martial art that focusses on grappling and ground fighting, allowing someone to defend themselves against a bigger/stronger opponent. Overcome opponents by improving your grappling and ground fighting techniques. Classes are available for all levels, in both gi and no gi BJJ.



Learn and develop clinching and grappling techniques to improve your groundwork.



Incorporate boxing, muay thai and kickboxing techniques to learn self-defence and MMA striking skills.

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Improve your cardiovascular fitness in our high intensity interval training (HIIT) classes. Suitable for all levels.


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Kids Classes

Our kids classes are taught in age groups and cover the core disciplines of mixed martial arts.


Put your learning into practice in our sparring sessions. Participants will be paired up based on experience.

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