Manuela Marconetto

Wellbeing Therapist and Pro Fighter Bio

Manuela Marconetto

Sports Massage Therapist

Manuella is not just a pro fighter at GBTT, she is also a fully trained and qualified Sports Massage Therapist.

She is currently studying Osteopathy, as this was a natural transition for her, given her interests as an MMA Fighter/ Personal trainer.

In the past several years, Manuela has worked with a range of people seeking different results. This has allowed her to develop some very valuable skills.

As a sports massage therapist, she understands how the human body functions, what muscles do and how they move.

She knows where muscles originate and how specific muscles are prone to injury or tightness.

She offers a variety of massages, from a relaxation approach for stress or well-being, deep tissue for tension and pain, to a treatment-based method of sports massage for posture and injury.

Her goal is to help you stay pain-free while helping you getthe best out of your training.

Background: MMA

Manuela Marconetto is an Italian MMA fighter. She has stepped into the cage only recently but her determination and will power made her score 2 amateur wins and 1 loss by points in a professional competition.
Manuela had a short amateur career before going pro with 2 wins by decisions.

Stats & Records

Pro Results
Roberta Zocco · Loss · Decision · 2017.05.13


Dagmar Hrund vs. Manuela Marconetto