Questionable descriptions aside (I have built a rod for my own back after the sinister six!) Without even having time to have processed the results of FightStar Championship, we hop over to Colchester Charter Hall for Cage Warriors Academy South East 28 for a jam-packed card featuring 3 GBTT amateur athletes.

First up we have Nico Balardo (1-0)  Vs Will Oldman (0-2) Nico has a background in BJJ, is currently a 2 stripe Purple belt, and is looking to continue his career in MMA by extending his unbeaten run and giving young Will his hat trick!

Next, is Gabriel Augusto making his MMA debut, taking on Florent Casaban (2-0) The Frenchman has impressed so far but Augusto has an extensive background in Muay Thai, racking up 15 wins from 24 fights he is ready to show the world (via Colchester) that MMA is something he was born to do!

Lastly, we make way for the AND NEW!!! Cage Warriors South East welterweight champion Shaun Fraser (3-0) taking on the current champion Mathew ‘Glory’ Oki (4-0) I say it again SOMEONE’S 0 HAS TO GO!! Both fighters are unbeaten in their careers, Shaun has shown improvement in every fight and is more than capable of bringing the gold back to GBTT headquarters (you should come and check us out sometime click here to find out where the champions live!)

Cage Warriors Academy has proven time and time again that it is a breeding ground for superstars and we are confident that 3 more are ready to entertain. Good luck chaps!

Cage Warriors South East 28 is a sellout but you can head over to their website here to watch directly on pay per view