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 Judo is a fantastic way to learn a martial art for self defence, build self confidence and translates into other grappling disciplines like BJJ, wrestling and MMA 


GBTT Judo Club’s head coach, Paul Cooper is a Judo Blackbelt and 2019 Commonwealth Games silver medalist, with years of experience of competing as well as teaching, he was the perfect man for the job!


The affectionately named ‘Judo Paul’ has built our classes from the ground up, developing judo players, guiding them through their belt promotions, which has produced multiple golds, silvers and bronzes in competitions across the country! 



Judo Classes Coach Paul and Brad Pickett

What is judo?

Judo is a martial art that was born in Japan, and is now known around the world as an Olympic sport. Judo was created in 1882 and is a form of close combat, with elements of mental discipline and teaching. Judo is a curriculum based sport, allowing people to grade through belts according. It was a martial art initially developed to focus on skill and technique rather than just brute strength.

Judo incorporates the use of joint locks, throws and submission techniques to subdue an opponent. Judo also teaches discipline, respect and mutual well-being. At GBTT we practice both recreationally and competitively, with a strong emphasis on sportsmanship and fair play.

Overall Judo is a sport that betters physical fitness, technique and discipline while also providing a competitive and fun outlet.

Merton Sports Awards

GBTT Judo Club

Our GBTT Judo Club got recognised at the Merton Sports Awards evening.

We were very proud to take part in this event and even prouder when one of our students won ‘Merton’s Most Improved Sports Man of the Year’.

We also got mentioned on the overall points to helping Merton win ‘Most Improved London Borough’. Congrats to everyone who took part!


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