perform as an athlete at any level

Wellbeing and Recovery

To be able to perform as an athlete at any level, maintaining health and wellbeing is essential.

At GBTT Academy, we adopt a holistic approach to recovery and rehabilitation, with staff that are highly experienced in the treatment and prevention of injuries, offering a range of physical and complementary therapies to support clients at every stage of their rehab.

How We Work

We treat each client and injury as its own unique case, providing the most effective treatments aligned to the individual, their training requirements and lifestyle.

We believe it’s important to explain what we’re treating and why, and to give clients the opportunity to understand more about their injury to maximise rehabilitation and prevention.

Our services are available and suitable for individuals of all training levels and backgrounds. Whilst we have extensive experience working with professional athletes, our knowledge and expertise spans across all sports, with treatments and therapies tailored specifically to each client.

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Wellbeing Services

Initial Consultation & Assessment

Patients will receive a full posture analysis assessing muscular imbalances, bone deformities, medical conditions and injury assessment. This session is used to obtain all relevant information prior to treatments, with muscular, skeletal and posture all objectively and subjectively assessed. Sports therapy treatment will then follow after the initial consultation is complete.

Price: £50 
**Introductory offer – reduced from £70**
Duration : 90 minutes

Rehabilitation Programme

Rehabilitation programmes are created to correct joint dysfunction, muscular imbalances, and ensuring the right exercises are prescribed adapting to patient’s injuries.
Price : £30

Kinesiology Taping

Patient to be treated with soft tissue release followed by kinesiology tape strapping. £10

Sports Therapy Appointment

Patients will be treated in accordance with injury. Specific modalities such as massage, dry needling, mobilisation, taping and muscular testing can be included.

Treatments include sports massage techniques, medical acupuncture, kinesiology taping and sports taping. During treatments, a patient’s joints and muscular dysfunction are assessed and treated.

Price : £60
Duration: 60 minutes

Sports Massage

Whatever level you train at, sports massage is a great way to release and reduce muscle tension, improve circulation, and help correct soft tissue problems and imbalances.

Price: £60
Duration: 60 minutes

Medical Acupuncture (Dry Needling)

Patient to be treated with soft tissue release, followed by dry needling.

Price : £20


1 x 60 minutes session – £60
12 x 60minutes sessions [15% discount] – £51 per session / £612 total
24 x 60 minutessessions – [25% discount] – £45 per session / £1080 total

For session bundles, payment can be made in instalments or upfront. Sessions will be planned in with your therapist based on your treatment programme, and regular assessments will be carried out to determine ongoing treatment and appointment plan.

Sports massages can also be bought in the same packages.

Onsite Facilities and Supporting Services

Alongside our Wellbeing Suite, we have two infrared saunas to help relieve muscle aches and inflammation, as well as encourage blood circulation and help release built-up toxins. These are available to members and as part of treatment plans.

Our Experts can also provide advice on nutrition, lifestyle, sleep and anxiety management, aligned to your health, wellbeing and performance goals.

Please contact Umut at to find out more.

Meet The Team

Umut Kashif

Umut is our lead Sports Therapist at GBTT Academy. Specialising in musculoskeletal injuries, Umut’s background in rehabilitation, corrective exercise, and personal training, has enabled him to support clients with a range of injuries, implementing treatment modalities specific to each individual.

With almost 10 years’ experience in healthcare, Umut has also supported clients with personalised nutrition plans, training schemes and rehab programmes, to ensure every aspect of a client’s wellness is addressed.

Wellbeing & Recovery Video

Wellbeing & Recovery Video

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