Our Pro Fighters

Brad Pickett

Head Coach

Brad Pickett has been a significant pioneer of British MMA fighting for over decade now. Brad Pickett, better known as Brad “One Punch” Pickett, is a Cage Rage British Featherweight Champion…

Nathaniel Wood

Pro Fighter

Since Nathaniel started his professional career in MMA his life has been fully devoted to training and improving his self to better for the next fight. Nathaniel is the former Cage Warriors …

Claire Lopez Profile

Claire Lopez

Pro Fighter

Claire is a french professional fighter based in London (115 lbs) with 4 wins / 2 losses (all wins by submission / TKO).


Pro Fighter Dom Wooding

Dominique Wooding

Pro Fighter

Dominique Wooding is a professional bantamweight MMA fighter. His most recent win took place on the 30th September…

Pro Fighter Profile Crawford

Kingsley Crawford

Pro Fighter

Kingsley Crawford is the 17th ranked of 155 active UK/Ireland Pro Featherweights.
Now changed to Bantamweight….

Charlotte Mcintyre

Pro Fighter

Charlotte Mcintyre is an MMA fighter that is the 8th ranked of 146 active UK/Ireland women.Charlotte started training at a fitness club on October 2015…

Weslley Maia

Pro Fighter

Weslley Maia also known as “Magic” is an MMA fighter that is 17th ranked of 77 active UK/Ireland Pro Flyweights and 149th ranked of 687 active Brazil Pro Flyweights…

Manuela Marconetto Pro Fighter

Manuela Marconetto

Pro Fighter

Manuela Marconetto is an Italian mma fighter. She has only stepped into the cage recently but her determination …

Hascen Neri Gelezi Profile

Hascen Neri Gelezi

Pro Fighter

Hascen Neri Gelezi is a lightweight MMA pro fighter. Hascen holds a proffessional MMA amateur record 6 wins against 2 defeats. He is 194th ranked of 309 active UK/Ireland Pro Lightweights…

Olga Rubin MMA Fighter

Olga Rubin

Pro Fighter

Olga Rubin also known as “Big Bad” is a featherweight MMA fighter that is 8th Current Best Female Featherweight.
Rubin didn’t start training in martial arts…

Nikita Bagley Profile

Nikita Bagley

Pro Fighter / Coach

Nik Bagley also known as “The Perfectionist” is an MMA fighter that is 87th ranked of 232 active UK/Ireland Pro Featherweights.
Bagley likes to dominate in a fight, he believes that…

Ritchie Edwards

Richie Edwards

Pro Fighter

Richie Edwards better known as “New York Shogun” is a featherweight MMA fighter that is 152nd ranked of 309 active UK/Ireland Pro Lightweights. Richie is originally from East Side…

Lone’Lone’er Kavanagh Profile

Lone’er Kavanagh

Pro Fighter

Lone’er Kavanagh is a professional fighter within the flyweight division, he has had 2 great wins…

Bane Dundavan Profile

Bane Dundavan

Pro Fighter

Bane Dundavan also known as “Does Dis” is an MMA fighter that is 161st ranked of 233 active UK/Ireland Pro Featherweights.

Mike Ekundayo Profile

Mike Ekundayo

Pro Fighter

Cike Ekundayo also known as “Airlines” is an MMA fighter that is 140 Current Best MMA Bantamweight Fighter.

Shane Campbell Profile

Shane Campbell

Pro Fighter

Shane Campbell is the 89th ranked of 118 active UK/Ireland Pro Bantamweights.

Chris Miah Profile

Chris Miah

Pro Fighter

Chris Miah also known as “The White Walker” is an MMA fighter that is 17th…

Anas Kamal Pro Fighter Profile

Anas Kamal

Pro Fighter

Anas Kamal is the 147th ranked of 474 active Europe Eastern Pro Featherweights.

Eman Almudhaf Profile Image

Eman Almudhaf

Pro Fighter

Eman Almudhaf is a pro MMA fighter who competes in the featherweight division…

Amar Shahid Profile Image

Amar Shahid

Pro Fighter

Amar Shahid is a pro MMA fighter and is the 41st ranked of 74 active Pro Flyweights…

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