Silva and Ortiz – both titans in the MMA world are set to compete against each other in a BOXING RING!
Scrapping the cage for a ring, the fight is set to take place as an undercard on Triller’s upcoming Oscar De La Hoya vs. Vitor Belfort event on 11th September. Both fighters will step into the ring as boxers; taking on eight two-minute round matches as cruiserweights.

Silva is an MMA legend holding a record of longest title reign as UFC Middleweight Champion for over half a decade. His title spanned over 6 years (2006-2011) which is equivalent to at 2,457 days! Holding another impressive record of 16 consecutive wins, Silva is often named one of the greatest MMA fighters of all time. He is an expert in multiple disciples including Muay Thai, Boxing and Taekwondo. Each of these have influenced his fighting style which is comprised of precise striking accuracy and knockout power. This makes Silva a formidable opponent, especially in a boxing ring where he has free reign to play to his strengths.

And who better to take on “The Spider” Silva than former UFC Lightweight Champion Tito Ortiz. Creating a name for himself as an early UFC star, he became one of the biggest pay-per-view draw in 2006 and held his title for 3 consecutive years (2000-2003). Being in a heavier weight division than Silva means that Ortiz has had to cut majorly for this upcoming fight with the goal of reaching 195lbs (88kg), which he has never done in all his 24-year career.

Catch this showstopping bout on Saturday 11th September to find out who wins.