Cage Warriors is back for the first time in 2023 at the historic Indigo @ the O2 for an action packed night that has a Quartet of Great Britain Top Team athletes looking to make an impact on the nights proceedings.

First up is the Queen of the south herself Kate Bacik (0-1) who is taking on Awa “Badwawax” Sow (1-2).


Kate is making her Cage Warriors debut and has every intention of making a violent statement to put everyone on notice.

Bacik is just as effective standing as she grappling with high level BJJ and zero fear standing in the pocket and trading. Since coming over to GBTT Kate has put in the work and is shows which is why it is going to be so much fun seeing her majesty in front of her subjects on March 17th

Next up we have the long awaited return of Brazilian power house Wesley “Magic” Maia (6-5) who is taking on Romanian Veteran Bogdan Barbu (16-14) With all the makings of a ‘don’t blink’ kind of a fight!

Both fighters are looking for their first win for 2023, Barbu is a high pressure fighter you likes to keep a high pace while Maia Is an explosive fighter who has never had to rely on the judges once in his 6 wins as a professional. Check out the video below for a taste of the “Magic” mans tricks. But dont be fooled, he won’t be pulling anything out of a hat other than violence and a victory.


2022 was a very good year for Lone’er Kavanagh (4-0). After picking up one of the most impressive knockouts you will see anywhere at Cage Warriors 134 back in March of last year against Ryan Morgan.

Since then he picked up a tough decision victory over Ander Sanchez back at CW141 in July! So it was only natural Kavanagh get the call up as soon as a London card came calling for 2023.

This time round it is against another impressive, hungry undefeated Davide Scarano (4-0) who is making his Cage Warriors debut.

Scarano is grappler who has made short work of all but one of his opponents so far in his pro career. Lone’er is easily his hardest fight to date, with the GBTT fighter not only holds the current unofficial pound for pound hardest hitter in the gym award. But is also a phenomenal counter striker with excellent grappling and BJJ making him a hard night for anyone in the division.

But someones 0 has to go, but we all know where we are siding on this one! Have a look at this if you need any more convincing…

Finally we have Nikita Bagley. (2-1) Some call him the “Ukrainian Beefcake”, for others its simply “Big Bags”

Whichever you chose, rest assured do not miss this fight! Bagley is facing off against Wesley Machado (3-2) You do not want to miss this fight. Buy a ticket, get a UFC fight pass subscription, sneak into the Indigo and hide under the cage… just make sure you see this one!

Why do we say this? Well, Cage Warriors 134 was an incredible night, great fights from open to close but the fight everyone left talking about was the absolute war that was Nik Bagley vs Ben Ellis which in our eyes was probably the fight of 2022 for CW.

The decision did not go Bagley’s way but there was no loser that night. Both fighters left a piece of themselves in the cage and it will be something both fighters will look back on for the rest of their lives.

With multiple cancelled fights, the year did not end in the way anyone wanted, but we keep moving and know 2023 is going to be very different.

Machado is in for a hell of a night, anyone who has been around Bagley for more than a few minutes realises that he is all in on this life.

Everyone knows here at GBTT that he will be some of the most uncomfortable, miserable rounds that anyone has to go through on sparring days. Great striking with strong grappling and incredibly heavy control on the ground, watching him work is like watching someone trying to fight off a wet brick wall covered in treacle (weird one but I stand by it).

Tickets are on sale now for Cage Warriors 150, but do not expect that to last long. If you can not make it down to the Indigo on March 17th then fear not. The whole event will be live on UFC Fight Pass which you can click here and sign up to!

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