Incredible results from our amateur fighters at the Cage Warriors Academy South East in Colchester on 9th of October. Saturday was a hugely successful night for the GBTT team with 6 of our amateur fighters coming out victorious.

Manuela Marconetto saw a skilful unanimous decision win over Camilla Bergstorm. Manuela is an Italian MMA fighter who has great determination and will power. Her 2 fight winning streak is indicative of great things to come.

Vadimas Gaizutis “Molotov” saw an amazing KO in Round 1 over Laker. A great feat from this Russian MMA fighter who is ranked 42nd in UK and Ireland in the Amateur Flyweights division.

Lisa Zimmo saw a win over Jennifer Ankerud by unanimous decision. She put up a top class fight in the cage, showing off her natural ability for this sport with this incredible win.

In the 155lb section, Rafel Collenase saw an astonishing KO first round win over Daniel Frank.
In the Amatuer 145lb section, Kieran Mezroui saw a win over Adam Spalding with a incredible RNC in round 1.
And finally, in the Amatuer 135lb section, Jaccob Gifford saw a win over Popa Ionut with a arm bar in Round 2.

Congratulations to all our amateur MMA fighters.