Saturday March 11th is a very busy day for us at GBTT but we shall focus this time on 2 of our gladiators, who are currently over in France in the final preparations for their respective fights.

Shanelle Dyer has been terrifying opponents for years as a Muay Thai fighter. Capturing multiple world titles and owning more silverware than most Premiership football teams, it was a case of when not if she would make the transition over to MMA.



2019 The Nightmare took the leap into the most exciting sport on the planet and after a very successful amateur career found herself wanting to improve her grappling which led to her walking through the doors at GBTT.

Since then it’s been a frustrating year for the prospect. After what seemed an endless list of potential fights that developed a worrying case of ‘cold feet’. The opportunity came knocking to make her Pro debut at Hexagon MMA.

Having Dyer as a permanent fixture has helped raise everyones game, she s a tough round for anyone in the gym and has proven this against the likes of the  Angela Hill and Veronica Hardy when they stopped by earlier in the year. She has also trained with the legendary Molly ” Meatball” McCann at Next Generation in Liverpool.

Shanelle (0-0) is taking on Weronika Eszer (0-2) for her Hexagon debut and its safe to say the plan is to dominate, then celebrate with the tradition Le Big Mac!



Walter “Black Sniper” Gahadza (19-7-0) is the gold standard in never judge a book by its cover. The nicest guy outside of the cage but the moment the latch goes across that door and you realise you are stuck there, a very different beast all together is boring a hole through your soul! .

Elite grappling, crisp striking and horror movie levels of calm under fire make Walter an intimidating prospect for anyone.

In his last mission Black Sniper took aim and added another headshot, making quick work of a game Robert “Direwolf” Oganesyan with a beautiful rear naked choke and is hoping to make it back to back wins this Saturday night.

Gahadza is taking on Frances own  Aymard “BarraKuda” Guih for the vacant Welterweight strap, headlining Hexagon MMA 7 and even without gold on the line this is one hell of a match up which promises an incredibly entertaining end to a great night of action at the Futuroscope Arena.