GBTT athlete Nathaniel “The Prospect” Wood is taking on former UFC bantamweight  champion Aljamain “Funk Master” Sterling in a Grappling Superfight on September 30th at Polaris 25


News broke that took everyone by surprise. Aljamain who recently lost his UFC bantamweight championship against Sugar Sean O Malley has decided to take a break from MMA and agree to compete against our very own grappling superstar Nathaniel wood



Aljamain stated “It’s an interesting matchup in terms of skill,” said Sterling. “It will be a good measuring stick, and the fans are going to be in for a treat with this one. I’m looking forward to the match, then I’ll smash a couple brews with Nathaniel in Wales.”


It is safe to say even for Europes longest running Grappling event, this is one of the biggest Superfights in Polaris history with a former UFC champion taking on one of the biggest MMA stars the UK has to offer.


The Prospect is undefeated since making the move to featherweight and is a BJJ Brown Belt under GBTT’s very own Ashley Grimshaw.  The Funk Master, is well renowned as one of the best grapplers in MMA today, is a black belt under UFC legend Matt Serra



Polaris 25 is a complete sell out but fear not. It will be streamed live on UFC FightPass on September 30th. We will all be watching!


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