Nathaniel Wood and Casey Kenney results – 28-29, 28-29 and 27-30
Comfortably winning the UFCs “fight of the night”, GBTT’s own Nathaniel Wood took home an extra $50K for his razor close loss at UFC 254.The fight has also won MMAJUNKIE’S “Fight of the month” for October.We are hugely proud of a great performance but remain devastated by losing the judges’ decision.That first round was a tossup, with Nathaniel clearly winning the second round and the third round gave Kenney some top control in an otherwise very even round.The Prospect out struck Kenney by some way over the 15 minutes.It’s fair to say that it could have gone either way, but we respect Casey and congratulate him on the win.We’ll see you again, sir. Keep winning and we can run this back.On to the next one. Who do you want to see Nathaniel fight next? And will the UFC be able to return to London in spring 2021…?