We can not say enough great things about REORG. They are a fantastic charity that work with people who have a whole range of serious, life-altering physical injuries, as well as those suffering debilitating post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression.

The charity was founded by Sam Sheriff MBE and has trustees such as Mark Ormrod MBE, Tom Hardy CBE, and Trent Scanlen. They have made huge waves within the trauma community and their collective work has literally saved lives!

The thing that sets REORG apart from traditional charities that help people effected by life events, trauma and depression is that they use the power of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as the primary source of rehabilitation.

This is something that to some may sound like a weird way to battle depression or a traumatic event, however if you have ever allowed BJJ to take a grip of your soul, you know exactly why its the perfect tool for hope and healing.

BJJ is something literally anyone can do. Age is not an issue and physical impairment is often a benefit as the normal escapes and attacks are simply not as effective. (I speak from experience)

You haven’t experienced companionship like spending an hour or two trying to break people physically and mentally, trying to solve puzzles on the fly against men and women trying to solve their own puzzles. It is truly incredible how something so intense can break down barriers that almost nothing else.

So in those quiet moments you realise that just because someone hasn’t lived your life,  it doesn’t mean they can not help you in the here and the now!

REORG has made huge waves and changed countless lives for the better. One of the ways they are able to help is through seminars. This is where GBTT enters the story.

We are so proud to announce that we will be hosting a 2 hour seminar with none other than Tom DeBlass, one of the most sought after instructors in the world. His resume speaks for itself and it is a huge honour to host such a special event.

This is an opportunity to experience a unique 2 hour seminar with the knowing that you are helping REORG continue the good fight!

Tickets are selling out fast, so you better get your skates on unless you want to be disappointed! Click here to secure your place and we will see you on the mats June 9th at GBTT