Coach Nate has just announced three workshops to help combat athletes to kickstart transforming their bodies from how they train, to how they fuel their bodies. The great thing is, that these methods, exercises and habits can be applied to any sport and any lifestyle, so absolutely anyone could benefit from attending.

The first of these workshops on Saturday 4th of March is based around Building A Bullet Proof Core which looks at everything from the theory of at what makes up the core, common training myths and how to integrate it into your training to the practical, looking at key exercises, how to perform them effectively and their progressions and regressions. The sessions will finish off with a Q&A sessions with coach Nate where you can ask go over the session and re affirm everything you have learnt!

Whether you are a combat athlete, footballer, badminton or anything in between, your core is absolutely vital in taking your training and performance to the next level.


The second workshop on Saturday March 25th is based around Speed & Power Training which looks at fundamental movement patterns to help improve your mechanics to increase power and speed.

So if you are a combat athlete, you are interested in building speed and power to use in your sport or lifestyle, or want to be able to use plyometrics to help improve your health and mobility. This is the workshop for you!

Over 2 hours you will be introduced to;

  • Warm-Up Integration – How to incorporate speed and plyometrics into your warm up
  • Introduction to plyometrics
  • Developing speed & agility
  • Force-Velocity Curve (Using Medballs, Bands, and Kettlebells

The third of our workshops on Saturday 6th May will be based around focusing on Nutrition Fundamentals which will look at how toIncrease energy and recover faster with the right nutrition! Take your performance to the next level.

If you don’t know how to nourish your body in the right way, no amount of exercise is going to give you the results you are looking for. It doesn’t matter what your sport is, your lifestyle or your age. Knowing how to prepare the right food and when to maximise its nutritional value.

In this workshop we will be covering:

1. The 3 Macronutrients and their role in health and performance

2. The importance of hydration and how to make sure you are not dehydrated.

3. Micronutrients and their role in health and performance

4. Understanding energy balance

5. Building a nutrition plan that works for YOU!

This workshop will help to dispel a lot of the myths around nutrition and give you the science simplified so you can start building long-term habits to support longevity in performance.

All GBTT need to do is click the link on the workshop and enter the code “Clubmember” at checkout to save £10 off the usual price.

We can not wait to see you there!